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About Modicum x

Tom refuses to write in the third person. But a music freak and his imaginary friends serve up tasty morsels of delicious crunch laced with elements of punk, hip hop, jazz, classical, noise and whatever. I’ve been in a bunch of bands and now i just need to make my own songs more & better. Here are some random pics of me.

About tom minkler

So modicum x is a sort of stage/band name, i just like the word and it needed something x-tra. I was born a suburban white child, learned a lot of music early on and then once i quit smoking crack i started to write a bunch of songs and stuff. Too much more on my “BEing and Me” page. I hope you enjoy what’s here!

Me at the Broome Room

Me with Bob's Garage

Me outside the American Hotel

Me in my metalhead days

Me at skid row with Jesus Knows My Name Ministry


“It’s all based on Love. Anything else is a distraction.”
–Josh The Chosen,
  The Book of Logos

The best band since the previous band.”
–Del Scan,
   Daily Impropriety

“They don’t suck too bad.”
–Moss Gatherer,
   Trolling Stone

“They’re nice to listen to while eating gurds and whey.”  
–Little Miss Muffet,
   Tuffet News

“The hell they will!”
–Rock Cleveland,
   Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

“They’re no Britney Spears.”
–Ben Ign,
   Abscess Hollywood

–Han Dintoofar,
   Proctology Daily News


“It’s a word that means ‘with moderation.’ I don’t know what the x is about. Why do you ask?”
— Libby Rary,
    Bookworms Blog

“Dammit, they took my pen.”
–Paul Parazzi, DMZ

“The best band since rolled toilet paper”
–Daily Impropriety”

“Just a minute, i’m eating a sandwich.”
–Justin Agodarnminute, Procrastinators Something

“If I had a choice between eating my own vomit or listening to modicum, I guess I’d listen to modicum.”   
–Reg Urgitate,

“As soon as we heard modicum x we knew we had to create this Hall as an alternative.”
–Hal O’Shame,
    Rock & Roll Hall of Shame


“As sinners, they’re winners, if you ask me (or he is, because when it comes down to it there’s only one of ’em). But since you didn’t i’ll say it anyway. Who woulda thunk that in this day and age this could happen. What, you ask? I don’t know, and that’s the point. Pshaw! But don’t let none of the B.S. deter you from asking “God” for help, especially if you need it. Because in the midst of all the mayhem, there is a universal Spirit of Love that can save our sorry asses from oblivion. Just because you can’t sense IT don’t mean IT ain’t IT. Or maybe you already do and just don’t know IT. Sometimes you just gotta ask! I was headed for self destruction and then YHWH-lah, i knew that it KNOWS me. What a long strange trip it’s been since then, with a lot of deconstruction. Why do the new kids act like the old kids? STOP IT! Where to go from here? Don’t ask me, cause i don’t know shit. But IT does. Time for a nap.”

– Avery One, Who Made Who