I’ve put a lot of my recorded music at ReverbNation.com/modicum

I also have a YouTube channel with not as much on it:

So i may just leave you with those links (plus post notices of new things), seems like it would be silly to repost it all here. They are all songs i did some years ago (that is true about a lot of stuff here, no i didn’t just get out of prison). I wrote everything, played all the instruments, sang all the vocals and harmony, did all the recording, cursed all the words and broke all the keyboards. But they aren’t ready for radio or anything, i just mainly wanted to get the songs in recognizable form, for example there is no bass on any of them, although i made various attempts to mimic it using guitar or drums. But i put a lot of work into it so i hope you will check them out. Now, i need to polish them up and add missing instruments, probably re-record quite a bit, plus i’m always working on a bunch of new junk.

I love heavy metal but write and play a lot of different styles, including just plain rock, acoustic, even a bossa nova and a couple of rap songs (yes i did). I started playing piano like the rest of my family around age 5, picked up the sax around 5th grade and got pretty good, playing in high school and college jazz, concert and marching bands; and finally started learning my favorite instrument, the guitar, around 18 as a senior in high school. I spent a lot of intermittent years just one-note jamming and picking stuff up so the amount of years i spent playing doesn’t reflect my sklll LOL. But i’m a-ight. :p

So, please stay tuned!